This project began out of the thought that I really needed to photograph my garden each day during the growing season as, come fall, I often find myself in the middle of digging a hole and finding a handful of slaughtered anemone bulbs or worse. Then I thought I would take notes too.

Then I realized how the garden is for me a place of meditation, of thought, of calming peace and problem-solving and this blog was born. It began on the first day of spring in 2010 and will end on the last day of winter in 2011.

Having a passionate, opinionated young adult son recovering from severe depression, a teenage daughter who is an independent firecracker of joy, a husband whom I love fiercely and who is a beloved best friend, staunch supporter and wise father, and owning an advertising agency and volunteering within the community, there is a great deal for me to sort through, think through and let go during down times.

The garden is the best place for me to do that. So while many of these words are about dirt and sprouts and Damn Rabbits and blooms and blossoms, many of them are also about life – the big picture of love, growth, courage, family, friends, acceptance and laughter.

Dominic’s illness taught me that so many things don’t matter and Eliza teaches me that so many do. I am so fortunate to be in this wonderful adventure of a marriage, with a companion who continues to be just as amazed and delighted by every day as I am. Like a garden, the people around us need to be tended carefully, given lots of sunshine, just the right amount of rain and wise pruning.

Gardens, families and life all need to be noticed, celebrated and appreciated every day because this particular moment will never be again.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Aunt Margie said

    Caught up again today.

    (I never clicked on the “About” link before.)

    Youre BLOG is a beautiful, artful, and interesting…like you!
    I’m happy it brings you so much joy and peace.

    And please, use the apron, get it dirty, and enjoy!
    Aunt Margie

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