February 16, 2011

Melting down today. It gets warmer and warmer this week, giving us a flirt of spring, a taste of the warmth to come. It is happening so quickly. I cannot get my head around the fact that February is more than halfway through.

More and more grass, not green yet, but still brown. The ornaments that sit on the windowsill behind the glider were buried in all the snow that blew up onto the porch and then fell in the meltdown. I find them laying behind the glider, askew on the cement.

We’ve been lasagna composting in the front beds now. The bin and containers in the back have been inaccessible because of the snow and Lucky will eat anything that falls within reach of his leash (sigh….) so we can’t throw things back there right now. In the front, because of the snow, we’ve missed the beds and there are brussel sprout trimmings on the sidewalk. I find a potato has settled in the copper ladle that holds water for butterflies in the summer. I pull the potato out. It is soft and squishy and has that pukey rotten smell. I throw it under the clematis and imagine I hear the soil saying “thank you!”

I check the purple clematis and discover that our Seussian friend, now bald, has made it through the winter unharmed.

In the evening, the Burpee catalog takes up my time – first a quick scan, then a flip back to the front to truly absorb everything. My next step will be sitting down with paper and pen, drawing up a list of what I want where. My little vegetable garden is just not sufficient, but tomatoes can be planted outside the fencing – the Damn Rabbits don’t eat them – giving me more room for peas, beans and spinach.

There is a lovely combination of yellow, hot pink and pink-and-white striped zinnias called Raspberry Lemonade. I find that just perfect.


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