Winter “Blues”

February 3, 2011

Bright and sunny today! Ultramarine sky like a jewel, golden sunshine and white crisp snow. Blue shadows on the ground, indigo cast to the snow in the shade. It’s the best kind of winter “blues”!

From our window, I see the shadow of the fence like a lace doily laid on the snow. I’ve always thought that fence was ugly, like a stockade in the suburbs, but in azure shadow, cast against that blanket of white, I see a pattern of arcs and spears, beams of white. Hmm – I’ll never look at that wall of wood the same way again.

Damn Rabbit tracks in the back yard, seeming to come to an abrupt end by the bridge. No blood, so I inspect further and see that the dead end is merely a gap. Twas a huge leap from the pin oak to the edge of the bridge; I am filled with admiration.

The hosta bed is bare and the grass in front of it uncovered. I will not venture across the yard to the veggie garden as it is mounded feet high in drifts and snow. I don’t think anything has sprouted there. More Damn Rabbit tracks along the side of the house, in rampant display. The Neither Here Nor There bed has little snow as well – and oh heavens. One of the rain barrels is missing a lid. I inspect inside thinking perhaps it collapsed inwards. Nothing. Nothing near the house, nothing that I can see in the yard. It must have blown and twisted and traveled in the storm. Well, someone far away has a new garbage can lid with a hole in it.

The butterfly bed is mounded high with snow. While most look at all this snow and wonder how to move it, where to put it and how long it will last, I think like a gardener. I think of how this snow is protecting my plants from Damn Rabbit teeth, from windburn and freezing, from drying out and heaving. All this snow is a beautiful thing.

The backyard is again alive with activity. Finch fights at the crowded thistle sock (try saying that 5 times quickly), squirrels sitting on feet of snow to easily slurp the peanut butter and seed off the feeders, doves hoping for a bite.

Ah! I notice a change in the angle of the sunshine. For weeks now, the finch feeder has been in shade all day long; the sun never reached it.  Today, even though it is bitterly cold, the sun kisses the sock about a third of the way down before it heads back up – spring is on its way!

Winter blues? Not with that on the horizon.


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