Lunch and Lighting Effects

January 6, 2011

One of those squirrels had an early lunch – or perhaps elevenses – in the midst of a snowfall. He sat in the tree, propped on a branch and nibbled an acorn down to nothing, paws quick, turning the nugget this way and that to make sure he got it all. When it was empty, he threw the shell on the ground, (litterbug – or wise composter?) and scampered down the tree to look for another. Since the ground is covered with them and there was only the lightest dusting of snow, finding another was not a difficult task. He ran back up the tree to eat (that branch must be the formal dining room) and repeated the whole process several times. I could see the snow sitting on his fur and was very happy to be safe and warm inside. Finally full, he headed into the neighbor’s tree, across Gwen’s roof and then disappeared.

The day started out grey and cloudy and quite frankly, depressing. The snow was at least some weather excitement. Then right around 1 pm, the clouds cleared in places and we got an unusual light show. The clouds were moving quickly and intermittently covering and clearing the sun, creating a shadow show in quick time on the fence. First there would be just hazy light, no shadows, no sun. Then as if your eyes were adjusting, the shadows would start to appear, fuzzy at first and pale, then suddenly sharp and dark and clear. Again fooling your eyes, the shadows would fade back into haze, back into nothingness. Over and over again, the whole cycle taking just seconds.

It was really cool.

Tomorrow is my first day of Master Gardening. I’m harried and hurried and trying to get everything accomplished before I leave the office this evening. I am thinking of a million things and can’t concentrate on writing today – I still have a few pages to read in the manual. Ack!


One Response to “Lunch and Lighting Effects”

  1. Connie said

    Rebecca – All the best on your first day of Master Gardening class! Have fun and enjoy the experience!
    Love you,
    Aunt Connie

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