The Final Season

December 21, 2010

Today is the first day of winter. I have written and photographed and observed through spring, summer and autumn. This is it – the beginning of the end. There are only 89 days left in this project, 89 days until spring.

This morning, it was all about the new snow. Clean, trackless and undulating. It gently blanketed into all the holes made by a variety of things – boots, Damn Rabbits, Lucky and Griffey, running children and more boots. The snow mounds deeper and covers more and more. The boxwood is nearly drowned, the joe pye weed is swamped. Under the pin oak, the poppies have gone under, the foxglove is overwhelmed and the hostas are all covered. It is reminiscent of an archaeologic site. You hope and trust and believe there are wonderful things under there, but you can’t see a thing. You must act on faith.

No one is awake yet. There are no new tracks. No birds, no Damn Rabbits, no coyotes, no mice. Everyone is sleeping.

The pond has been frozen now for weeks, but it hasn’t been bitter bitter bitter for long spans of time. I don’t think it’s been cold enough to freeze all 15 inches or so. I think the fish are still alive, hovering at the bottom, hearts beating once or twice a day, suspended in the Matrix of the winter.

The snow is mounded on the edges of the driveway. Dominic pushes the snow from side to side like a plow, creating mounds higher and higher all the time. The butterfly bush twigs reach from the snow, like a stick-figure waving SOS from the ocean. It covers the iris, disappears the coreopsis and loses the lavendar.

There are sculptures everywhere. Chive stems splay out in a chopped, sandwashed brown spiral. A milkweed pod has seeds frozen in a moment, the feathers trailed with beads of ice. One of the evergreens has branches covered with snow and resembling dinosaur feet; another evergreen is coated in a blanket of ice and snow, almost gift wrapped.

89 days left to observe, to celebrate, to enjoy. 89 days left to see what can and does happen in the garden. The final season has begun.


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