Lunar Eclipse Bust

December 20, 2010

The news, at least for nature geeks, is filled with talk of the total lunar eclipse tonight. Even cooler, even nerdier, is that it’s happening within hours of the winter solstice with a full moon. It will be visible to the entire continental U.S. tonight. Astronomy aficionados all over the country will be waiting for the shadows, the orange color, the freaky effect on the light all around us.

Except here in Chicago.

It has been overcast all day, and expected to snow all night long. I look out at 8:30 pm and see no moon, only snow, filtering down in a steady powder. To quote a seasonal song, it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’.

The flakes are illuminated by my camera’s flash, like glitter in the sky. I head around to the front yard to enjoy one of my favorite holiday scenes; the lights glowing under the snow. I love how the colors spread, pools of lights, merry and bright and oh so icy. It’s such a stunning combination of heat and cold, of fire and water, of man and nature.

There will be no lunar eclipse visible to me tonight, so I make do with what’s available. The next total lunar eclipse is April 14, 2015. SIGH. I make photographs and then stand there and soak it in as long as I can stand the cold.

I hope there’s some corn for poppin’. And I mark my calendar.


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