A Squirrelly Bit of Fun

December 16, 2010

I looked up from a particularly challenging bit of an assignment to watch the very beginnings of snow and saw them. They were having so much fun, rolling and jumping, completely at play in my garden. It was certainly time for a mind-clearing break and these acrobats provided the perfect moment.

There were three of these bushy-tailed frolickers, forming a ball of grey fur as they unknowingly entertained me. Those squirrels are just too adorable, seemingly full of the joy of just living. I got my camera.

As I lifted the blind, one of them froze, looked at me and bolted into the neighbor’s yard. The other two decided to go up instead. They candy-caned around the pin oak. One went up and up the tree, then rested on a low branch while watching the lower one getting a little confused, going in level circles. They were not communicating as one. The slower one finally caught on and headed up the trunk while that faster guy gave me the evil eye from the tree branch.

When the two met on the branch, they greeted each other with outstretched hands, and then rubbed noses. My whole darn day was complete. GOOD LORD HOW CUTE. I clicked away and they eyed me with suspicion, bouncing up the tree to a higher branch in a tumble of togetherness. They patted and combed each other, pink tongues out, slipping and sliding together.

I really couldn’t stand  how sweet it was.

They sat for a while, that faster one in front, up above, protecting its friend from the Woman Behind the Window. He gave me a look that clearly wished me ill, wary and apprehensive of my interest.

They soon disappeared up the tree and into one of the squirrel condos high above. Later, I saw that big brother crouching in my neighbor’s tree, huddled against the cold, enjoying the snowfall.

“Thank you,” I thought, “for that moment of bliss.”


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