As Seen From Space

December 7, 2010

Often when I map directions with Google, I use the satellite mode so I can see landmarks and get a solid feel of location. I’d see my house, positioned in the cul-de-sac, marvel at how many cars are in the driveway at the Goofy Neighbor’s next door and always find it very interesting to see how many swimming pools are in my little slice of suburbia. These never seem to be very current images though. For several years, the new patio was not documented; we had a virtual brick patio.  And for the past few years, the Bradford pear in front of the house still existed in cyberspace but not in reality.

Until Monday. On Monday, I mapped a location and wondered where it was in relation to the mosque in Orland Park. Up popped a new photo of our house, minus the Bradford pear and showing the veggie garden in place, so I know it’s this summer. The trees are fully leafed and the burning bushes are still there, so I know it’s sometime before August 1. I can even see my garbage cans sitting on the side of the house.

Doesn’t this just blow your mind? It makes me want to paint “HELLO” in big white letters on my roof or rip up the front lawn and plant a giant Mickey Mouse face in flowers or perhaps, nudges the devil inside, a naked woman that can only be deciphered from space. We all could send messages to each other via Google maps!

I like seeing my garden as it is now; that Bradford pear living on the web kept reminding me of the sadness I felt for its actual demise. Now I see my tomatoes, my butterfly bush and my peonies.

And – what fun – I can see my neighbor in the kiddie pool with his grandson.

Google maps updated!


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