A Great Idea In The Making

November 26, 2010

We have started our casual composting again. Daunted by the cold and the wind, we are not enthusiastic about trekking across the lawn to the edge of the yard to dump our peels and eggshells.

So I moved an empty container from the top of the waterfall (really? why was it there to begin with?) just out of reach of the dog leashes and we’re filling it and others up.

The big foam pot that looks like clay could certainly use another few inches of compost materials and so can that black pot that sat empty all summer, except for an errant potato plant. Come spring, when these are full to bursting with rotten, frozen, thawed, frozen again and thawed again, slimy material (I can imagine the worms dreaming gourmet dreams right now!), I’ll cover it all with a layer of topsoil to seal in all that delightful muck and then plant right in it. The annuals, probably impatiens, will thrive, big and thick and full.

Now, we can’t be alone in our composting conundrum. Many people must find a perfect “summer spot” that just stinks in the wintertime. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bin that moves – like our garbage can and yard waste bin on wheels? How much of a no-brainer is that, really? So I search for bins with wheels. And find one – just one – and it is not attractive at that.


I will have to go to Menards and walk the aisles. Ask for advice, stand and think about how this can be created, hoping for that wonderful idea to make it real.

Seriously, no one has thought of this before?

Casual Composting


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