Halloween In The Garden

October 31, 2010

In years past, we have decorated elaborately for Halloween, spreading massive amounts of spider webs from the rooftops to the landscaping, practically blocking the front door with threads intertwined with spiders – small plastic ones, large stuffed ones and everything in between – and skeletons, preferably of the glow in the dark variety.

Not this year. Every October 31, we see fewer and fewer trick or treaters – it’s now more than halfway through our designated hours and we’ve had about 15 total. The webs are a hassle to clean up; I still find them wrapped around plants the following spring. The kids aren’t interested in helping us decorate and really don’t have the time on the weekends. Tony and I would rather spend our time on a walk.

So the skeletons stayed in the attic, complaining to the spiders about the lack of victims. Maybe next year.

I did think of things that could, and do, scare me in the garden. Here is the list.

Lemon verbena, purple loosestrife, dusty miller, goldfish loose in the sewer system. Insecticides, pesticides and germicides. Drought, flood, extreme cold, searing heat. Rabbits of all shapes and sizes. High humidity. Powdery mildew. Aphids. Garbage dumped by kids walking through my yard. The smashed pumpkin. Rats. Opossums. Grizzly bears. Sticker bushes gone rampant. Volcano rock spread in garden beds. River rock in garden beds. Cutting through a wire when digging a hole. Pollen that itches, grasses that scratch and burn your skin. Finding dead things in the spring pond clean up.




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