Broken Promises

October 23, 2010

Tom Skilling tells me today will be one rain shower after another, soaking the ground, satiating the plants – water, water everywhere.  “About time!” I think as the first few drops fall mid-morning, about 10:30. I dash outside to make images of the ripples in the pond as the drops kerplunk into circles.

I discover real frost damage on those beans, the tops wilting and looking like frozen lettuce. Most of the blossoms are wilted too, a strange kind of off color. Will we get beans now? Will we get just a few?

The brussel sprouts are still  happy, still growing, still swelling. The tomato plant has sustained permanent damage as well, leaves bleached and blackened, oddly enough at the same time. I wonder if the green ones will continue to ripen or if they are now out for the season.

It drizzles on and off, one and off and then stops raining completely by 11:30 and doesn’t start again. Damn that Tom Skilling.


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