Lovers Leap and Visions of Cinderella

October 18, 2010

A sad discovery this morning. Two grasshoppers, squashed on the driveway. They looked like our lovers, one large and one small. I hope she had time to lay all those eggs for next year. The corpses were right in the path of car wheels, but they weren’t squashed flat, their bodies now at one with the concrete. They looked more like they were smashed halfway, just enough to die, but not enough to be truly mutilated.

Okay – this is getting a little weird.

I discovered today that the garden is truly Party Central for furry friends. I watched two mice climb up the shepherd’s hook and onto the thistle seed feeder. Francine then dropped to the ground while Clarence bit a hole through the sock and pulled out seed. These two spent the better part of the day foraging on the ground, taking seed out of the sock and just living the life in general in my garden.

They are adorable. Bodies barely 2 inches long, they are little puffs of fur, charming little ears that look soft as silk and Christmas-story tales. Clarence hung on, twisted around, unafraid of the chattering birds who were, quite frankly, very put out by this coupe of their feeder. Francine sat on her haunches, collecting the fruits of his labor.

I am feeling like Cinderella. My mother thinks I am insane.

She tells me how we’ll get mice in the back door as it gets colder. I’m not so sure of that. The compost bin is warm, even hot, as the grass and paper and peelings decompose. They don’t need my house to stay warm. Even after I plug up all the holes with mesh, it will still be cozy warm under the bin.

My mother is a Gardener, someone who inspires me, someone from whom I learn many things, someone who guides me often along this path. She is also a neat gardener, which is where our paths diverge. No mice in her garden.

They can come and stay in mine.

Clarence on the seed sock


One Response to “Lovers Leap and Visions of Cinderella”

  1. rebeccapalumbo said

    from Connie – Hey Rebecca – While I agree “Clarence on the seed sock” is quite adorable, I must also agree with Jinx T. Cat that said, “I HATES MEECES TO PIECES”! Reason being, we had mice in our house in Harvey – especially in the walls in my upstairs bedroom and in the attic. Grandpa thought they may have gotten in when we were having the central air conditioning installed because we didn’t have the problem before having the air installed. All the cracks and crevices may not have been sealed up properly and when cold weather came those meeces found their way in. I used to hear them scratching and running back and ‘fro (the walls up there were made from that particle board stuff and you could hear them real good.) Either way, it was not an enjoyable experience. So, I’m hoping that Francine and Clarence, and whoever else is shacking up with them in their Mouse House by the pond, stay outside of your house!

    Fun reading, though, as usual!

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