Keeping A Chair On The Patio

October 7, 2010

The waterfall mysteriously burst into life again today, splashing, tinkling and gushing away. It sparkled and glittered in the bright early morning light and the pond filled with birds.

There were big fat robins and soft wrens and noisy chaotic sparrows. The robins were the most prevalent; they must be making their way back to those swamps in Georgia where they’ll spend the winter. There was splashing of their own, chirps, squeaks, peeps, twitters and bursts of feathers rustling. It was nearly like spring. The sun shone through the cattails, turning the leaves bright gold.

I watered the veggie garden with the soaker hose, left the hose run (with timer!) on the transplanted Christmas tree in the Neither Here Nor There bed and gave the grass seed a sprinkle.

At sunrise now, it is chilly, but the sun warms everything up by late morning. The next few days promise to be blissful – in the mid 80’s with no humidity. Our bird netting to cover the pond has arrived in a huge box. I’m imagining Dominic will find a use for that when it’s empty. It will probably be something messy. SIGH….

Saturday will be a perfect day to close everything down and put everything away from a not-freezing-your-fingers-off-in-the-water perspective. It is also a very agonizing kind of decision. It’s easier to do it all at once, get everything squared away and be left with a wide open, empty patio, but when everything gets shut down in this fortunate moment of beautiful weather, you feel you’re missing opportunities to stay outside, grab a lawn chair and enjoy the view. Folding lawn chairs tucked in the corner attract spiderwebs and dried leaves – they are quickly a mess. Solid chairs, I think, become dangerous later in the fall and in winter, when a forceful gust of wind can throw them into the house or windows (that’s probably irrational, but well, it’s a concern). Maybe just one…for a few more weeks…

This temperate weather reminds me of  a poem the Chicago Tribune used to print every year about Indian Summer. I loved it when I was a child and looked forward to it every year. In 1992, they discontinued it due to Native American sensibilities. In the fog of memory, I was sure it was charming and I thought it sad it was cut because of a few complaints. I looked it up recently and wow – I’m surprised it lasted until 1992. While the drawings are lovely and the copy is warm and folksy in style, the content is so very inappropriate – and I’m not sure it could be changed to become less offensive.

There are a few days remaining of this burst of summer amidst autumn and I remember last year, Halloween was sunny and warm. I think I’ll keep one chair on the patio still.



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