A Few Minutes Of Extraordinary Beauty

October 3, 2010

I closed the lid on the compost bin this morning, as I haven’t seen a mouse since I started leaving it open. After dinner, I lifted the lid to dump the peelings and sure enough, there was Clarence, rocking it out.

Back online immediately to find out if mice can chew through metal screen! Found “Stuf It” which brags that a rodent’s teeth gets stuck in the copper mesh when they attempt to chew through. Ordered it immediately then stopped abruptly when I saw shipping was 30% of the cost of the product. Will spend some time tomorrow calling Home Depot, Menards and hardware stores to find it cheaper.

Splendid and beautiful still is the garden. In the short time that I spent outdoors today, I saw a butterfly that I cannot identify and a huge prehistoric dragonfly that I can’t identify. Peterson’s First Guides and the Internet have failed me. The dragonfly was at least 3 inches long, with a wingspan of about the same. There is a single bright blue eyespot on its head and the abdomen is green. The wings were crystal clear. It was alarmed when I came around the corner, calmed down as I stopped and stood there, giving him time to adjust to my presence and then happy to pose when he realized I didn’t have a net or a swatter. Thick and thin, bright and drab, solid and ethereal, he was simply magnificent.

There was an ant on the exact same drying sunflower, in the exact same place. He was not the same ant, but it was astonishing nonetheless.

I also saw the beginnings of a new web stretching from weglia bush and back to garbage can. Apparently, she’s not given up on that spot and the thickness of the webs, the strength of those lines, is astonishing.

I am also astonished by this – in the short period of time I was able to enjoy the garden today, I saw things that were unique and remarkable. Just imagine if you could sit there for a 24-hour period, non-stop (except for potty breaks). How many things have I missed because I wasn’t there 10 minutes earlier, or an hour later? How many things have I missed because I wasn’t there just as the sun was rising? (gawd, what a horrible thought – being up and outside before the sun rises!)

My neighbor’s tree drops leaves like golden snowflakes. They fall thick and heavy and clog the pond. (I’m still waiting for the netting to deliver!) Yesterday, I stood at the backdoor and watched them fall continuously; today they do not fall at all. It was much colder yesterday and promises to be warm this week, so maybe we’ll get a break for a week or two. The hammock now hosts a pile of leaves instead of me as it is too chilly to sit still for long.

The hosta leaves are drooping and disappearing like the Wicked Witch, vanishing into the soil. The bed where we (Dominic) removed the burning bushes is experiencing a renaissance. They must have really shaded that soil, because now there are zinnias blooming and alyssum bushing out. The new butterfly bush is thriving.

One of the plastic rabbits on top of Grandpa’s old ladder has tried to make a break for it. It now sits on the ground, right side up, exactly as if someone had put it there. He knows he’ll be in the attic soon and may be trying to stretch his summer in the sun just a little longer.

The red grasses I got from Rich’s house years ago still won’t bloom. I’m moving them, either this fall or next spring because they should bloom with a shock of white atop that red. They’ve been there long enough for me to understand that they just don’t like it there.

The spike I planted in the container full of casual compost (we filled it all last winter with peelings and paper shreds and I just topped it with dirt in the spring) really really REALLY likes it. It is the largest spike I’ve ever seen, feet high, feet wide and completely alone in the pot. Sometimes, I guess you grow best without the added pressure of making room for buddies.

Just that short time and so much activity, so much fortune in seeing that dragonfly, that butterfly, the ant, the Truffula trees covering the purple clematis. Aren’t we lucky?


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  1. katybee said

    It sounds beautiful :).

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