Seussian Inspirations

September 12, 2010

I am now firmly, irrevocably and passionately convinced that Dr. Seuss grew clematis in his garden. And that he not only grew it, but that he was inspired by it for so many things. While we’ve talked about how those seed heads resemble truffula trees, I think it goes beyond that.

Yesterday, I walked around the garden and someone smiled and winked at me from that same clematis. I’m not sure if it’s a Thing or some fantastic creature from that wonderful psychotic romp, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. It would be a yop, a ying, a gox or a something in that long line of things coming from far, far away.

I think it is happy, mischievous and kinetic. I think it needs a girl to brush! brush! comb! comb! its long chaotic hair. I wonder if it will be there tomorrow or if it was a quick visitor, never to be seen again. All I really know is that this whole plant makes me think of Dr. Seuss and his marvelous, wonderful creations.

I really think he grew clematis. Either that or he did a lot of drugs.

what would YOU name it?


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