Black Knights and Lavender

August 8, 2010

When we got back from Sids yesterday, I put the butterfly bush in an old enamel pot and watered it well. About an inch or two of water sat in the pot overnight, so the rootball was moist and the leaves perky this morning.

First, I lifted out the lavender bush in the sunny spot and laid it in the grass. Then I started digging a big round hole where I wanted that bush to go. The pine needles were brushed and piled to the side, the loose black dirt quickly shoveled through. I got through old mulch, turning white in decomposition, another bit of dirt and then hit rock. Damn, damn, damn. I shoveled off the top layer as best as I could, then sat in the bed and pried out dozens and dozens of river rock with my gloved fingers. I threw them in a bucket. Then I hit the plastic drain tile. Sigh…. Moved the hole over a couple of inches and dug out more rock. Got to clay and figured it was deep enough. I rolled the bush along the concrete sidewalk to loosen it in the plastic pot and then pulled it out. I took a shovel and opened up the root ball, then placed it in the hole. Perfect depth for once! I filled it in and then watered it with rain water from the barrels.

I pulled out all the lamb’s ear that bordered that bed in a V and disturbed a moth.

Upon finding that draintile, I remembered that years ago, there used to be an egress in that bed, bordered by big rocks to hide the tube, but that let the water run into the lawn. So I started digging that up, going down inches before I hit the tumble of rock. All that rock was put into the bucket and I dug a new trench through the bed and towards the lawn. This is Insect Central, as the water must attract them. There were roly polys of all sizes; tiny ones and big ones that reminded me of Blast Ended Skrewts. There were centipedes and millipedes, some inches long. Earthworms, of course, and red spiders. After I had put my hand way up into the drain tile to clean out all the mud, I thought about mice and moles and voles and quickly removed it.

Had someone been watching, they would have thought I was a little light in the bean, as after the trench was dug and all the rock and dirt cleaned out of it, I dumped the rock right back in. Now the water from the roof will flow easier into that rock bed and over into the bed and lawn.

The lavender was divided and replanted where the lamb’s ear had been, with some coral bells in the middle for fun. I moved an accidental milkweed plant to a spot within that new bed, behind the line of coral bells.

My next task was to be digging up the iris, splitting them and putting them into that bed. It started to drizzle and showed signs of raining more and more. I put all my tools away, hung up my hat and rolled the yard waste bin around to its place.

And now it’s stopped raining. Deciding whether to call it a day or go back to work…


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