A Serendipitous Visit to Sids

August 8, 2010

We were on the hunt for a butterfly bush and a pitchfork yesterday. I bribed Eliza with lunch if she’d look at the benches with me and then I kidnapped her afterward for the search. (Tangent – she would only let me take two photos of her on the benches, she told me it was dorky that I used my phone to take the pictures and we were disappointed that there were so few.)

The nearest garden centers that carry Radius PRO garden tools are Sids in Palos and Alsip in Frankfort. While Alsip is much closer, I don’t like it much. There are dogs and cats and silk flowers and home decorations and furniture and fish tanks along with the garden center and I don’t feel that the staff really knows their stuff.

So it was off to Sids. As we approached the door, I saw a bench built of twigs and sticks and stopped to look at it. Eliza, my conscious for the day, hustled by me and said, “We are here for two things; a pitch fork and a butterfly bush. Then we are leaving.” She’s such a border collie. While looking for the pitchfork, I was allowed to try on a pair of gardening gloves as my good ones recently bit the dust. I fit in the Extra Small (thankfully purple), so after being told that I didn’t need them, I bought them anyway. We found a woman to ask about the Radius PRO tools and she said, “Oh, we have hardly any left. I’ll show you where they are.” I offered up a quick plea to the gardening gods and lo and behold – amidst all the bulb transplanters (not the most popular tool!) – there was one lone pitchfork. Plea answered!

We were told to ask for Fred by the little house out in the yard for the butterfly bush. When we got to the house, I stood patiently and waited for the gentleman to be finished with the lady in front of me. He looked up and yelled across a row, “Hey, Fred,  this lady is waiting and you’re not doing anything!” I said, “Oh! I thought you were Fred!”

“Oh, gawd, lady, don’t say that to me,” he chuckled as Fred chimed in, “Good lord, don’t confuse me with Bob.” They must like each other a great deal.

Fred didn’t know where the bushes were and called Mike over who told us they’d been moved. He didn’t think there were any black knights left. For a second, I was disappointed, then Mike said, “oh, here’s one.” Heart lifted, then sank as he pulled it up and Fred said, “That’s not a black knight.” Mike said “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here it is.” and pulled out the only one left. Joy and the happy dance! Price was about $10 more than what I would have liked to pay, but it was a Monrovia, which means good root stock and a quality plant. Sold! Apparently, there was much good energy in the air for me yesterday – I got the very last of what I’d wanted.

Eliza let me get a new finch seed sock too.

Eliza on a bench


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