Gout and Enchiladas

July 11, 2010

Thunder, lightning and crashing outside now. The garden really needs it, especially the hostas that were transplanted yesterday. It is pouring over the gutters in sheets and at the corners like a firehose. Tony is disappointed that we are not catching all of it in rainbarrels. I think that, if I let him, he would dig up the whole yard to install one of those giant cisterns and put a pump at the kitchen sink so I could wash dishes that way. He’s such a Greenpeacer – and he washes the dishes most of the time anyway.

The sun was bright and hot this morning, though. The butterflies fluttered, the bees buzzed and a squirrel tried to rob Invisible Neighbor’s spanking new feeder. It has a squirrel baffle, so down he slid and  thumped onto the ground. He then tried to act like he planned those acrobatics all along. I watched him get his dignity back while I walked to the edible garden. The watermelon vines are now forming melons and melons and melons. I am just about giving up on the idea of spinach planting this weekend. There is just no room.

The path looks crisp and clean now, but needs a bag of sand dumped between the stones. The stargazer lilies are just about ready to bloom – should be mid-week. I thought I bought red, but they are looking like pink now. We’ll see when they open. I think those mystery plants in the front are sunflowers. I hope they are as they will be so dramatic there when they grow and bloom.

The compost bin is definitely well-sited now. Easy trip from the back door and the patio is uncluttered and clean. We need some chairs there behind the kitchen windows. American Sales had some great purple adirondacks for sale, but when I pulled one off the stack and sat it in, it was dreadfully uncomfortable. I slouched, I sat straight, I half- slouched and I practically laid down. They are at an awkward slope for any kind of conversation. I think they’d be good for sunbathing, but at This Home Of SPF 80, we don’t do such things. So I am still chairless.

Neither Here Nor There bed needs help. Lots of it. That is definitely a project for the fall. I’ll sit on the lawn and stare at it for about an hour, sketch some plans on graph paper and then start uprooting and replanting. I’ll cover it all with a thick blanket of mulch, so it will be ready for next spring. I have coneflowers from the front beds that I can add and lamb’s ear to eliminate. There are a few very sorry evergreens that can come out, and some that have taken off like a rocket that will stay and be made into focal points by judicious plant spacing.

I’ve decided that the upside down tomato plant is a complete joke and will not be repeating this experiment next year. Eliza and I tried to go to World Market yesterday to buy windchimes or mobiles to hang from the porch and found it had closed. What a disappointment! Where am I now supposed to buy cheap decorations made in third world countries by underpaid labor? The closest one is now in Naperville and frankly, the gas expended driving there would probably equal the cost of such goods at Pier One.

My friend Lori was in this week to settle her parent’s house for their move and we went to dinner (El Cortez of course. Lori tells me whenever she dreams about me, Mexican food is always involved – isn’t that funny?) and then back to sit on my patio, eat blueberry truffle pie and enjoy the beautiful weather. It was warm, crisp and bug-free. We sat there chatting, catching up, worrying, sharing and rejoicing until it began to rain, and then continued in our library. We had a lot to chat about as Lori lives in Florida now and it hurts my soul. We have been friends since we were high school freshmen and she is as close to me as a sister. On the surface, we are not alike. Inside, we are simpatico, respectful of our differences and delighted in our similarities. When people ask how we’ve been friends for so long, I tell them this story:

Tony was suffering from this horrible pain and swelling in his feet – for days and days and it wouldn’t go away with any pain relievers. He could hardly walk. After days of suffering, he went to the clinic and the doctor diagnosed him with gout. I could not stop laughing. All the way home, I laughed. The whole time we did the research on the internet, I laughed. Putting ice on his poor feet and filling his prescription, I laughed and laughed. I was, of course, sorry that he was in such pain and very happy when he started feeling better so quickly. Whenever he told anyone about his gout, they put on a sympathetic face and creased their brows and said, “oh, that’s horrible! I’ve heard it’s so painful” while I continued to laugh. Not one person could understand why I couldn’t stop laughing.

So I went out for pie with Lori and told her Tony had gout. She burst out laughing and said, “Who is he? Henry the Eighth?” She got it. She gets me.

I hope you are lucky enough to have a friend like that. Someone who understands you heart and soul, someone who sees what you see, someone who loves you completely with your warts and all.

And I hope that friend never moves to Florida.


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