Blago In The Mud Where He Belongs

July 4, 2010

Fourth of July and I spent it in the happiest way I know! Sweaty, covered in bark and dirt. What a great morning!

I got up this morning and went to Gas City to get 9 bags of mulch – 4 brick red and 5 plain. I raked up all (not much really) the mulch on the path and dumped that in the flowers beds and around the impatiens on either side of the Groovy Bench. Then I piled up all the newspaper I could find and started laying it on the path in sections. Filled up a watering can from the rain barrels and sprinkled the newspaper so it would lie flat. I found it appropriate that I was putting news and images of Rod Blagovich and his trial in the mud because it is truly where he belongs. I hope others are using him in bird cages and to train puppies all over Illinois.

I ripped open the first bag of mulch and laid it in thick handfuls on top of the first section of newspaper. Laid more paper down, sprinkled and laid the second bag of mulch. Realized there was no way on earth I would make it with only 4 bags. After I laid three bags in total, I got back in the car and bought 9 more bags, again 4 red and 5 plain.

There was about half the path left to line and mulch. When I ran out of newpaper, I used brown grocery bags and found that ironic too. They all are printed with the slogan “reuse, recycle, compost.” In a way, I was doing all three. I used 6 bags total to get a nice thick cushion, tamp down all the weeds and pave a beautiful walkway. There were three more ceramic tiles that I placed under the pin oak.

I trimmed all the oregano back, trimmed the spyria bushes neat and close and deadheaded the coneflower and balloon flower.

Then I walked back and forth from the rain barrels to the edible garden about 24 times, filling the watering can and sprinkling the veggies. We haven’t had rain now for seven days and of course, I’m starting to see cracks in the ground already. At first I thought this back and forth would have me climbing the walls mentally, but I got into a rhythm; sink the watering can and let it fill, haul it up, walk the yard, sprinkle, walk back and do it again. It was actually soothing and mindless. Tony came home (from golfing) while I was in this loop. He told me the time and reminded me we needed to leave for my cousin’s in an hour. And I had been having such fun.

My shoes and socks got soaked as I stepped into the pond and disconnected the turtle hose from the pump. I put the jet attachment on the hose and blew out the hose, seeing sludge fly across the pond and on the patio. I also sprayed the motor itself and then hooked everything back up. Success! The turtle now squirts halfway across the top of the pond again. To fix the pond side, I pulled it all apart, bricks, stone and river rock, down to the plastic liner. I then reset the bricks, placed the stones strategically under the turtle and drizzled the whole thing over with river rock. The result is a eclectic mix of nature and man, attractive and useful.

Forced then to clean up, shower and go to the Independence Day party. Thankfully, my party had already taken place.


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