A Summer of Growth for Dominic

July 2, 2010

Early afternoon, I walked around the garden, waiting for Dominic to get out of the shower so we could drop some boxes to a client. It was sunny and warm and delicious. The Joe Pye weed is on its second bloom, more primrose unfurl each day and the grasses are spectacular.

I sat in the groovy wire bench that is covered in Brady Bunch flowers. Some say it is very uncomfortable, but I think it’s like an acupressure treatment, with the wires massaging my legs and back. I like it there. For that seat, however, I can see close up how unkept my path is. That has reached crisis point, so this weekend, that will be a priority.

Because I’m waiting for Dominic, I think about how far he’s come this summer. While we were a little cautious about the lacrosse coaching – he is often over-the-top competitive, he was only a year older than the seniors last year, and games are fraught with the possibility of kids, refs and parents getting out of control – he has blossomed and matured in ways we had not foreseen.  He has calmly taken kids to the hospital, handled irate parents with ease and treated his head coach with such respect. He is balanced and grown, more confident in himself overall. He is getting himself ready to be transplanted.

The watermelon is covered with more and more blooms and the zucchini puts out more and more fruit. The bean plants are now putting all their energy into the fruit and looking pathetic as plants. The peppers continue to swell and the basil is still putting out new branches and leaves each day.

The stargazer lilies get bigger and taller each day, the hibiscus is bushing out and crowding out the path. I made my way around to the butterfly beds and see the oregano splaying on the ground. Time for a haircut there. The Neither Here Nor There garden needs a day spent weeding and edging and mulching and neatening. It’s really Here Nor There this summer.

Dominic is ready to go, so we do. He is Here but before I know it, he will be There. And I will be so very glad of it.


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