Sangria, Zucchini and July

July 1, 2010

Our first zucchini today! It’s a perfect size for one and a half people, as Eliza just barely likes it and Dominic and  Tony won’t eat it, even on shish-ka-bobs. Maybe if I dredge it in flour, dip in egg and cover it with bread crumbs and fry it. At point in nutritional value, I’d rather give them canned beans! I will have a surplus soon. Even with only three plants, there are blossoms and fruit forming galore.

Dominic borrowed Greg’s extension ladder and Larry’s reciprocating saw this afternoon and finally cut down the honey locust branch that’s been laying on the roof as it grows. The tree is such a funky shape. There is no clear main trunk. It undulates and twists, making shaping it truly impossible. I’m just trying to keep it off the house and above walking clearance at this point. He then cut apart the branch and put it all in the fire pit. We’re ready for this weekend, I guess!

I pulled out all the rest of the pathetic radishes and learned the stern lesson Mother Nature taught me: thin when the package says to thin! This gives the positively prolific watermelon room to spread out. Even cut back, there are buds and little melons everywhere. Decaying pond leaves, shredded paper and vegetable waste is evidently the finest in vegetable garden fill. Danny will have enough watermelons to celebrate Labor Day in high style. I may have to have the annual party just to get rid of the melons!

Half of our growing season is over officially this weekend, as we celebrate with fireworks in the sky and I enjoy mine in the ground. It makes me long for more sweet corn, more s’mores, more hamburgers, more sangria (god help me), and more visiting in the evening before it’s all over for the year.

My godmother was over last night for a big glass of sangria (she brought), strawberry shortcakes (I made) and a tour of the garden. The weather was perfect – clear and crisp, warm and still. We looked at the pond and the collapse which is still not mended, the primrose which is blooming and the grasses which are now really coming into their own. She laughed at the Barbie beans and told me that my cousin’s husband will be delighted to take any extra zucchini off my hands. Apparently he is an expert at dredging, dipping, covering and frying. We discussed my neighbors, whom she knows, and the inadequate upkeep at the house next to Greg, our neatest neighbor. She pursed her lips and frowned at their slovenly habits. I frowned right along.

The balloon flowers charmed her, as they do me. She loved the butterfly garden, so full and colorful. I pulled out some lamb’s ear  for her garden. Frank is on the move again.  It was an evening of quiet visiting and peaceful conversation.

This morning, I opened the front door and found a spiderweb in the center of the falling yarrow and a swarm of red admirals on the coneflower. I guess 7:36 am is really their time of day. It is not mine, especially not during the summer.

Sangria is dangerous stuff.


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