Rainbarrels and Lunch with Friends

June 27, 2010

Kristin told me about the rainbarrel display in LaGrange and so, as we are never ones to miss an opportunity to see a public art display or go to lunch, we did both. Tony and I met Kristin, her husband Bill and her daughter Maeve, who just turned one, and ate very tasty bar-b-que at Q. I recommend the Q puppies – yum.

Maeve wore a little cotton sunsuit, white sandals and a matching bow. My heart just ached for those days again – Eliza in seersucker with a bow velcroed into her very sparse hair that stuck straight up from her head, Dominic in his Lion King outfit – shorts, shirts, socks and shoes too – Simba, Timon and Pumba cavorting across his entire body (really? we dressed him like that? no wonder the kid had problems!). My simpatico feelings for Kristin were confirmed when she told me how Wiggle Worms class had touched her heart. Bill and Tony seemed to bond over IT Geek talk and we really had a lovely time. Kristin showed me some photos of plants in her garden and I had to pull out my reading glasses. Strangely, I didn’t feel old; I felt wise. We talked about getting together in our garden next – Tony told Bill there’d be beer. And then Maeve needed a nap.

The rainbarrels were really inventive in some instances, always bright and colorful, no longer an eyesore in the garden. My favorites were the barrels painted to resemble big containers, with a pot on the bottom and flowers blooming out of them. Also fun was the one covered in umbrellas. I got several great ideas and now am eager for winter, when I can disconnect everything, bring them in to dry and then paint them in the basement. Next summer, they will be stunning additions to the garden.

When we got home, I laid in the hammock and finished my book, complete mind candy written by Sophie Kinsella. After dinner, I grabbed a bucket and scissors. The clover in the walk had tipped me over the edge and I pulled it all out. AH! The path looks so much nicer now! Sometimes, when the OCD speaks, you must listen. I also cut back the catmint.

I deadheaded coreopsis in the butterfly garden, pulled some weeds and trimmed back more lamb’s ear. A sticker bush about 2-1/2 feet high was growing in the butterfly garden. I really admired its nerve and camouflage tactics and then I pulled it out.

I cleaned the gurgler and that works a dream again. Pulled  out the string algae, along with a very shocked goldfish who I put back in, and cleaned up the waterfall. Took apart the turtle and flushed it out with the hose. Because of all the rain, when I stepped on the pond edge to reassemble it, that section collapsed. SIGH. Not in the mood to get in the pond and fix it, so that will have to wait.

As I sit here and write, Eliza has woken and come to talk to me. She sits on my lap, has an extended hug and tells me about the graduation party she attended last night. While sun suits and matching hair accessories may be gone from our lives, I am comforted that she is still my girl.


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