Incredible Disappearing Compost

June 24, 2010

The clover experiment is interesting. I haven’t weeded between the flagstones in over a week and I’m finding it makes me a little crazy, but also a little calmer. By not fighting to stay on top of that clover and those strange succulent things, I’m giving up some more control, which is always a plus in the garden.

The primrose so recently planted is starting to blossom. I thought this was past bloom season already, so this is a very pleasant surprise. The mystery plant is setting more yellow flowers. I’m starting to think this is cucumber, as it looks a lot like zucchini, but I’ve never composted zucchini in this spot, but I have thrown alot of cucumber out there throughout the winter.

There is a spider web nestled between hostas and foxgloves and the sun caught it just right for me to see it on my trip through the garden today. I tried to make photographs of it and then realized nothing was really showing up. I went inside for a spray bottle and misted the web with water droplets and then made the photographs. What was really neat was how fast the water evaporated. I only got a few seconds out of each misting before the web was dry again. The spider waiting in the middle didn’t seem to mind and just wiped her legs off each time in careful strokes. I hope she will be there again tomorrow.

Someone is stealing my compost. No matter how much stuff we throw in there – vegetable peelings, fruit rinds, weeds, grass clippings, shredded paper – it’s never more than halfway full. Sometimes, after a big day of weed pulling and potato peeling, I open it up, throw it all in and see that it’s almost up to the top. Never fails that the next day, I open it up and the level has dropped down to about half the bin. Who is taking this and why?

Of course I am being facetious. When researching how long compost takes to cook, I’m seeing that in filling a bigger bin, you may never really “finish” as the compost decomposes at the bottom while you’re adding to the top. About 6 months after starting, by October, I should be able to open those bottom doors and scoop out a good portion of humus to cover my plants this fall. Next spring should be positively mind-blowing as the plants enjoy the benefits of the compost all winter long. And by next spring, I’ll have another bottom batch to pull out and use as mulch.

It is still odd though. Very surprising every time I open the bin and things have moved and shifted. I’ve decided too that I need to dig some hostas out of that bed and move the bin to behind the chimney. It needs to be off the patio. Getting some bugs and it’s leaking compost tea all over the patio. I’d rather have that go into the soil for Jurassic Park hostas.

As the bees are still swarming by the dozens over the oregano, I am still attempting to make the perfect (or darn near close) bee photograph. After making over a dozen, I’ve include the best one here. I will try again tomorrow if the weather is right. I am determined to get just ONE that I’m happy with this summer!

The purple beans are reaching for the skies and I’ll need to figure out additional support for them soon. Who would think that the grow over 5 feet tall? The seeds were from Rubinos and the instructions were in Italian and French – I had no real clue what I was doing. The watermelon is blanketing the chicken wire with vines and blossoms. Can the melons be supported by the vines in midair like this? Won’t they snap off as they get heavier and heavier?

This ought to be very interesting….


2 Responses to “Incredible Disappearing Compost”

  1. nina said

    wonderful images

    I adore bees on flowers

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