Watermelon Pruning and Radish Harvest

June 16, 2010

Danny’s watermelon is growing absolutely wild! It is curling around my peppers and basil, smashing through the radishes and beans and trailing up the chicken wire fence. I pruned back all but two of the strongest stems, still leaving about a dozen blooms to develop into melons. The stems were thick and crisp and covered in sharp little hairs. I hate to prune back a beautiful plant, but space does not allow for such an Audrey in my edible garden.

Radishes are ready to harvest! Selectively pulling them out will leave room for the remaining to grow and will also give that watermelon space too. Tony likes a radish so he will be getting them in salads for awhile to come. My mom likes them too, so she’ll get a bag this weekend.

The blue hosta is setting buds, and the grasses around the back rain barrel are putting out thousands of glittering, fairy dust-like seeds. I could sit and just watch those dance in the breezes all day long. The clematis on the back arbor is blooming magenta and the fall clematis on that same arbor is huge and green and trailing and twisting and winding. The bloom will be so beautiful this year!

Now for a moment of mass confusion in the garden. I’ve planted impatiens throughout the shade bed under my office window. In two spots, they are thriving and beautiful and getting bigger  by the day – just becoming monstrous, gorgeous mounds of flowers. And then in the rest of that bed, in some cases just inches away, they look exactly the same as the day they were planted. WHAT GIVES? Same soil, same original seedlings, same milorganite spread, same sun, same water. I am so confused! Anybody have any ideas about this disparity?

The rain barrel advice is coming in like crazy through facebook and email, and there are more storms predicted for Friday, so watch for excitement on the water collection front (at least for us!).


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