Pulling Out A Whole Flock of Sheep

June 13, 2010

This evening, I got in the front beds after a rain, to pull Jurassic Park weeds and cut back and deadhead. I twisted daffodils into knots, cut down chives, and pulled out flocks and flocks of lamb’s ear. I found it had made its way into the butterfly bed, so I pulled it out and gave it a stern talking to. I think of “The World Without Us” and how fast plants would take back the asphalt and concrete if we weren’t there to control it. I am sure my house would be consumed by lamb’s ear – because it has a pretty good toehold already. I pulled sticker bushes and dandelions, cut all the funky dead heads off the peonies and pulled out more oregano.

In the butterfly bed, there’s some sort of plant I put in “as recommended” for butterflies, but the darn thing never blooms and it’s not very interesting, so last year I ripped it all out. Well, it’s baaaaaa-ck! I ripped it all out again, but have a funny feeling that will be the dusty miller of the front beds – it’ll come back every year and I’ll need constant vigilance (I feel like Mad Eye Moody) to keep it from spreading. I could paint Round Up on the leaves, but I’m just too nervous that I’ll kill the whole garden.

I was getting mercilessly attacked by mosquitos, swarming around my face, my legs and my back. Even though I want to get the clover out of the flagstone path, I had to give up and go in. (What would the clover look like if I left it to grow between those stones? I’m thinking I might give that a try for a week or two – just to experiment.) My elbows and ankles were very yummy apparently and now they itch. I’m trying not to think about it…

The yarrow is a good 4-1/2 feet tall now, the butterfly bush is blooming, the salvia is on its second wave and the daylilies are blooming. The hosta bed is breathtaking – perfect overlapping circles of forest and lime and chartreuse. I’m getting blooms on the pepper plants and yesterday, I pulled a radish and got a small swelling instead of just a red root. Tony ate it and said it was pretty good.

The watermelon has about a dozen blooms and is reaching all over the bed. Zucchini likewise! The salad greens are filled in again, so we can have another salad tomorrow for dinner. The purple beans are crawling up the support in perfect spirals, perfectly spaced which I find just amazing. The bump is covered in bellflower, the butterfly weed is positively fluorescent and the brussel sprouts are themselves looking like something out of Jurassic Park. Nothing that actually looks like a sprout yet, and I’m finding that the growing cycle will be very long. We won’t harvest until the fall.

From the looks of things, I’ll have bags and bags of green beans in the freezer all winter. Or we’ll have to have a green bean party – hmmmm… that’s an idea.


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