Favorite People and Favorite Flowers

June 11, 2010

Checked the watermelon Wednesday and the yellow bloom was open and full. When I made a photo today, the bloom is already shriveled and dried. Watermelons are a’coming fast! I told Danny about it, but he kept insisting that watermelons “grow from vines!” I tried to explain, but really got nowhere.

We went to dinner with Mark and Barb and came back to sit in the garden, drink sangria (for me – beer for them) and enjoy the gorgeous weather. We started a fire in the pit and talked and laughed until the sun went down and the garden was blanketed in darkness – and everyone started yawning.

Now the garden is fulfilling its real role – a serene gathering place for family and friends (Mark and Barb happen to be both), a bonfire, a cold drink, laughter, singing and many smiles. We talk about what’s growing, people ask how difficult it is to maintain (an interesting question too. Theoretically, a perennial garden is plant and forget. I like to trim and clean and deadhead – it’s some of my exercise and alot of relaxation time) and it’s always interesting that different flowers and leaves attract different personalities. I am surprised when a quiet person is attracted to a very dramatic plant or the boisterous people like the soothing greenery.

But then I think how I have different favorites at different bloom times and for so many different reasons. The bellflower is old-fashioned and nostalgic, those peonies lush and blowsy, the coneflower dramatic, colorful and forthright, the lavender fragrant and determined, the lamb’s ear soft but aggressive.

We all have different favorite people too, depending on our time in life and what we need from our friends. Several years ago, Mark and Barb were at a different place than us and getting together was difficult – now we are able to enjoy their company so much more often.

Life is really like a garden.


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