Perfect Place for Phone Calls

June 3, 2010

Walked around the garden this morning in my pajamas, making photos for today, while I talked on the phone to my dear friend Thom.

The crazy head allium is blooming, a perfect botanical counterpoint to my week thus far. Felt unloved by clients last week, feeling swamped this week. It’s always been the nature of the business, and we always get through successfully, but sometimes I do feel like I’m red-faced and wild-haired myself – wish I was as thin as those stems!

The foxglove is in full bloom; I can almost hear those bells ringing. Buttercups are yellow and luscious and springing up in unexpected places. Did I plant it, or did it spread there? I never remember. The grasses in front of the rain barrel, which did nothing last year, are putting out seeds and I can’t wait to see how they’ll look come fall. Those are the showy gold and white grasses that look so elegant and regal in the fall.

The Joe Pye Weed is having itself quite the year. It’s larger than ever before, full of blooms. This is a smaller cousin of the tall eupatorium that I also have in the garden. Usually, those tall ones are just let to go, like weeds (very similar to alot of things in the garden!) but this year I followed some advice about cutting them back to encourage more blooms. I did that earlier this week, in the dark, while talking on the phone to Lori in Florida. We’ll see how that pruning works.

To me, in the summer, the perfect place for a leisurely phone call (and I don’t get many of those) is the garden. I swing in the hammock or wander around and trim, the phone attached to my pockets, headset in place. It’s warm and breezy, calming and cozy. There are no distractions from TV or family.

I’ve got another resident Damn Rabbit. He’s living somewhere in the front and eating the living hell out of the side of my butterfly garden.


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