That’s Why I Play Golf!

May 31, 2010

A guest blogger today – Tony Palumbo writes below…!

Just got back from a 16 mile bike ride and Rebecca and Eliza are off to Maine West for All State auditions. Was thinking I could run out and play a few holes, or at least hit some balls at the range. Would be nice to play a round with Dominic, but he is still asleep and based on past experience; he will be there for a few more hours. Even he was awake Mother Nature has decided today would not be a good day to play golf.  The skies grew dark and the wind picked up, I grabbed Rebecca’s camera and tried to capture a lightning strike. Quickly realized there is one more reason I play golf, I have a much better chance of making par than I do of capturing a lightning strike. Oh well as long as I am out here I can take pictures of the garden for Rebecca.

This is a very cool project and I know how much pleasure she gets out of her garden and this project. Maybe she will use the pictures and maybe she won’t. Yep, they’re here! My thought process was to try and capture the garden before, during and after the storm. Only problem is I play golf, I do not garden and I do not take pictures! Throwing all caution to the wind (it was very windy and getting darker by the minute) I began to point and shoot. Thought this might also be the best idea because I couldn’t tell a pansy from an iris unless Rebecca labeled them!  Made it through the first two stages by taking photos before and during the storm (have to move quickly or hide where I could, last thing I wanted to do was ruin the camera! That would not have been pretty; honey I helped out with the blog today but you will need a new camera).

That’s my story; the rest is up to Rebecca to see if the photos are of any value. She will have to mark the photos and proof read this blog (if I was a gambling man, the odds would be 1-5 that commas and punctuation will have to be added)!   Nope, I’m letting this be all your style! Must admit it was fun helping out while trying to contribute something of value for this project, maybe I will do it again maybe I won’t, what still remains true, I am way more comfortable on the golf course!

Hope you enjoyed our guest writer today!


One Response to “That’s Why I Play Golf!”

  1. rochman said

    For Golf
    Really enjoy keeping score on the Garmin Approach G5 GPS also a very intuitive process. Play rounds where someone in group has used a rangefinder and find the Garmin to be just as accurate and much quicker to use – you just look at the screen to see the distance to the flag without having to line it up or press any buttons.The screen is easy to read in sunlight even with polarized sun

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