Speaking of Bloody Blazes…

May 26, 2010

The lilies are blooming – four more today – slashes of blood red in the garden. I expect that by Friday, the whole bush will be ablaze. These don’t last long, but they make a fabulous show for a short while, kind of like those fireworks.

The daylilies are starting, a swelling this morning that bloomed this afternoon. The coneflower continue to open, the clematis climbs like a monkey and the scabiosa is taunting me every day. The chives have already gone into overtime and I expect to see those black rattling seeds very soon. Those need a trim already too. The incredibly hot humid weather, like jungle conditions, has given everything in the garden a boost.

The blue hosta in the shade bed has taken to the transplant wholeheartedly (thank goodness) and is getting bigger each day. The bed under the pin oak continues to fill in. The daffodils are splaying all over that bed, so I tied up a few this evening. If I do a few a day, it doesn’t seem so onerous. That is a trick I learned from Martha Stewart (a woman for whom I have absolutely no respect. The rumor has always been that’s she a bitchy diva, but I thought many of her garden tips and recipes were good. Then a dear friend invited me to the NAWBO luncheon where she was speaking. Wow. Bitchy divas should be insulted at being put in the same category as Martha Stewart. The woman is arrogant, rude and completely full of herself.).

How to Bundle Daffodils – Grasp a clump, take out two long leaves, bend the clump in half and then use the leaves to tie the clump into a bundle. You can also use raffia, or if they’re really floppy, you can take that clump and just tie them in a knot. Keeps your garden clean and keeps the leaves on the plant to feed itself for next year. Works with tulips too.

No water in the rain barrels and no rain expected until tomorrow night, so I hooked up the hose and watered the veggies and the impatiens. The beans are all emerging, the zucchini is coming up. It’s so amazing how one day there is literally no sign of anything and the next, there is a whole row of green leaves. The way things grow so quickly on the one hand – and so slowly on the other, like trees – just thrills me. What a cool world we live in.

Laid in the hammock after dinner (you’ll find this is a common theme) and closed my eyes. Opened them again as I was showered with little brown pellets from the honey locust above me. That happened over and over, until the sun went down and the bugs started biting. Had to brush off quite a few when I finally stood up.

Earlier today, I talked to my neighbor Greg today about his veggie garden. We stood on his driveway, then quickly moved into the shade as it was so intensely hot. Even then, I had sweat coming around my sunglasses. Yipes. He’s got an upside down planter with strawberries. He also showed me how he built the fence panels around his veggies. Looks simple, so that will be a project for this weekend. All those tender little exposed greens in that garden make me a wreck, milorganite or not. He asked me about my upside down planter, as his house directly faces mine and he loves to sit out front in the summer. When I painted the porch four different colors, I did it for me and to put a smile on his face too. I am aware that the condition of my house can affect his mood, as he has to look at it all year round.

We also expressed mutual disgust for his neighbor, a relatively new couple who apparently didn’t get the memo that this cul-de-sac is well tended. Grass goes uncut for weeks and god forbid they trim more than twice a season. I shudder every time I pull out of my driveway and see that mess. I am now Greg, on the other side of the street. I understand not being interested in flowers and shrubs and a fancy garden. But can’t you at least cut the damn grass and trim the weeds?

Ironically, our mower is still in the shop and I’m starting to have to slough through the backyard to get to the veggies. At least it’s not the front. And I know that if the front gets too bad and starts looking really nasty, Greg will come cut it.


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