Fairies and Moose

May 23, 2010

Today was an early day in the garden. It started on the chilly side, but very humid and then dried out and warmed up beautifully.

The soaker hose needed to be laid in the shade bed, so it was into the garage attic in search of the rest of the “summer stuff.” Along the way, I found my flower fairy statue, 3 more rabbit statues, a frog and a paver that says “Gardening Means You Believe In Tomorrow.” This paver means more to me than just flowers and blooms. I got it when Dominic was having health problems and for me, it was also a way of affirming my belief that he would recover and his tomorrows would be bright and sunny again. It used to make me cry, because I sometimes I wasn’t that strong. Now, it makes me smile because I see his tomorrows ever brighter, every day.

I also found the moose, that he painted a few years ago, in a burst of artistic expression. Eliza and I had planned on painting in a la Marilyn Moose-roe, but her schedule was too hectic and he “adopted” it. It is a bright splash of blue and red and white and orange amidst the green.

I spread the three bags of pine needles that Mark gave me and filtered out literally dozens of pine cones that we’ll throw in the fire pit this summer, to hear them crackle and pop. For now, they are filling the bed on the side of the pond where I usually plant impatiens, but would like to put perennial dianthus. That area regularly gets trodden by small children who want to throw rocks in the pond (which is encouraged – the rock throwing, not the trodding) and dianthus would hold up and spring back a lot better. The pine needles make the beds look squishy and they should make the hydrangeas interesting colors.

The soaker hose was put into place and then I smacked my head because  1) I should have laid it before I planted the impatiens and 2) it should have been pierced it before being laid. I went back in and poked a hole with my trusty fiskars every inch or so – what a pain in the arse that was. However, now it actually works, with little streams of water coming out to soak the impatiens. Last year, we installed the rain barrels and I bought soaker hose, thinking I just turn it on and it oozes out. Well, because there is virtually no pressure from a rain barrel, the water just sat in the hose and never oozed. SIGH. Hey, I was an art major, not an engineer. This year, with the modification, it will work!

The allium is fast turning into the green satellites that stay all year long, the coneflower is budding out and the radishes have sprouted! They must taste nasty as the Damn Rabbits have not nibbled yet, while they did attack my liatris in the butterfly bed. Of course, they have been doused with milorganite so that might have something to do with the Damn Rabbits’ reluctance. I found an old clothes drying rack in the closet last week and realized it would make a perfect pea support. The old tomato poles are perfect supports and the clothes rack goes right in the middle. Tony did not get my text about buying plant tape when he was at Ace buying a new spark plug for the lawn mower, so it’s not secured as yet.

One hibiscus is emerging and about 2″ tall, while the other shows no signs of life at all. This type of rebellion makes me anxious that I’ve lost a plant, but I seem to remember this plant pulling the same sort of drama last year, but filling in beautifully when the time was right. Diva.

The hosta bed is packed and the little ladder from my grandpa is sited there, with two bunnies nestled on the top step. I think I’ve gone from art into kitsch there, but a little kitsch never hurt anyone, right?

I am of the thought that alot of kitsch will give you a rash.

When I was finished weeding the flagstone path and resetting some of the stones that have shifted and buckled, Tony and I walked the McCarthy path and I drooled over the beautiful purple phlox covering the prairie.

Best part of the day – I laid on the hammock after dinner.


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