Rain, Rain, Rain All Day

May 21, 2010

Took a short day in the office and headed to the Loop with Tony to do Bobby’s Bike Hike, and that’s when we had the only nice weather of the day. We cruised to the MCA, Water Tower Place, waved hello to Oprah, saw the original Playboy mansion, stopped in Old Town and then came back down Lake Shore Drive. About 8 minutes before the end of the tour, the skies opened and we got soaked by raindrops that were huge and cold. The little girl in front of me said “this is FUN” and I had to agree.

On the ride home, the sun came out again and by the time we got home, about 6:30, it was perfect conditions for weed pulling. The soil was wet but not packed, and everything came out with just a tug. I noticed the speedwell in the front is in bloom, but the same in the back is just now budding out. The lily buds are turning redder, and I’m watching everyday now for the blooms. The salvia in the front is in full bloom, purple spikes and fragrant leaves. The lavender has started to bud, the jack-in-the-pulpit is positively prolific. The iris continue their show.

I have many things to do tomorrow, when the ground will still be damp – could that be radishes emerging in the veggie bed??


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