Today, It’s All About The Iris

May 20, 2010

A gorgeous beginning of the blooming of the irises today! There are two open, with several following tomorrow, or even by end of day today. The purple is deep and royal and true, with stripes of black and white towards the center. This year is the year of division for this plant, as when the bloom is finished, I will lift them, rinse them, slice them up and replant them in strategic places around the yard. The pin oak above is about 8 years older than it was when they were planted, so it’s much shadier there now.

I planted the rest of the vegetable seeds yesterday, mesculan mix, beans, zucchini and peas. Laid down milorganite heavily to keep the Damn Rabbits away, but I’m not sure how much hope I hold for that after the salad greens come up. Chicken wire, here we come.

I opened the rain barrel and filled my watering can up many times to water those veggies. That rain barrel is down about a quarter now. Always find myself wishing for Camelot weather  – the rain falls each night and it’s sunny and warm every day. From looking at, it seems we might have that today! The sprinkler system will have to be tended to – We lost a spring last year, so our zone 2 refused to shut off. The soaker hose needs to be attached to the other rain barrel and my fairy statue needs to be placed, along with the moose.

The crazy head allium buds are swelling – those are such a blast to have in the garden. There is more jack-in-the-pulpit every day, but some of the strongest plants are hiding under hostas. I’ll have to transplant those to a better spot.

Saturday there is NOTHING to do, nowhere to go, so I’ll be able to play in the mud and then lay in the hammock. I can’t wait.


One Response to “Today, It’s All About The Iris”

  1. Ann Harris said

    Beautiful yard and alot of hard work but it has paid off. I love it!

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