Upside Down Tomatoes and 400 Pounds of Dirt

May 17, 2010

Saturday, we went to the Home Depot in Frankfort to buy dirt for the veggie bed and the empty flower pots. We bought ten 40-lb bags of top soil and 3 cans of Lysol (I can’t find the regular original scent anywhere else and the “scents” make me sick to my stomach). Because I had pulled something in my back (again), Tony loaded them onto the trolley, then into the car, then unloaded them and placed them strategically around the yard.

I filled the empty pots in front, planted a geranium and asparagus fern in the mid-size pot and then sprinkled baby’s breath seeds around the edges. The small pot was filled and then sprinkled with snapdragon seeds. I really show have bought more annuals at Sunrise and I was considering it at Home Depot. However, I am spoiled by Sunrise’s prices. 48 plants for $10, instead of just 24 for $12. If you’re buying a quantity, which I do, it’s worth the trip. And the hot dog is always good.

I also planted the tomato plant in the upside down planter and hung it from the middle hook on the porch. I’ll need to hit World Market for other windchimes or mobiles to hang from the other hooks. It looked very boring on the porch last summer because the stuffed chicken mobile finally disintegrated.

Sunday afternoon, I was able to sneak in about an hour and dumped all the dirt into the veggie garden. I then made a holes the size of egg cartons and dropped in the seedlings Danny and I planted weeks ago, egg carton and all. I planted the brussel sprouts (wondering if Damn Rabbits would like those, or do they, like most, turn their noses up at brussel sprouts? Eliza and I love them roasted with onions and then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese – yum) and the red sweet peppers.  I planted the watermelon seedling (purchased) right in the middle of the bed, then put radishes on the other side. I dosed the whole thing heavily with the milorganite and this morning, see no evidence of Damn Rabbits. I do know I’m playing with fire and need a chickenwire fence around that bed as soon as possible.

I tried moving the tomato plant to the shepherd’s hook, but that definitely did not work. After planting the seedling, adding dirt and then watering, it was much too heavy and bowed that steel rod down to the ground. It went back onto the porch, which required feats of acrobatics and balance that I thought beyond me. I was standing on the 3″ wide railing, hauling up about 60 pounds and having to get a rope over a hook in the ceiling. Was really very stupid – I’m lucky I didn’t fall and break my neck.

It’s raining this morning and I couldn’t have asked for better timing. Everything that was planted this weekend needed a good soaking and it’s getting it today.


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