Get Outa My Yard!

May 15, 2010

The nurturing is officially over.

The babies are out of the nest and are now Damn Rabbits, eating my coneflower and the  I-don’t-know-the-name-but-it’s-really-pretty all over the bump. There were two left yesterday afternoon, right out in the open, between the iris and the spyria, watching me while I planted the two flats of impatiens. (Which – sidenote – I really should have bought some shade perennials for the berm at Sunrise. I shall have to go back!!!) When they are huddled, they are about the size of baseballs. Even though my brain is programmed to react to those big eyes and soft fur and funny ears with a mental “awwww….”, my logic thankfully overcomes this. I had a talk with them yesterday as they sat watching. I told them that the sanctuary is over and because they chose to eat valuable plants instead of  clover, dandelion and other weeds, they are no longer welcome. I told them to get out now, go elsewhere, or I’ll get the bucket and they’ll be transported to the prairie. Then I realized I was talking out loud to rabbits.

When I came back out after making tea for Tony, I saw the big black and white cat that prowls the neighborhood run out of the yard. Now, I hate that cat anyway because it digs in my yard. (And how rude is that to let a cat run around the neighborhood? The damage that unleashed cats do to the songbird population is devastating. And aren’t owners afraid they’ll get hit by a car, or eaten by coyotes? Or bitten by a rabid animal? Keep your cats indoors or watch them at all times. I don’t allow my dogs to wander unsupervised!) While I am done with the bunnies, I don’t want them tortured and then left to die – especially in my yard – which is what cats do. Better for the bunnies to get eaten by a coyote, and have a quick, clean death with some value. (Start humming “Circle of Life now)

The cat sat at the far edge of my neighbor’s yard and watched me. And I watched her. It was a contest of wills and I won. She left with a flounce of tail, probably thinking “I’ll be back later, lady. And I’ll kill them when you’re not watching.”

I put together the compost bin, snapping it all together. One of the hinges snapped right off, so I fixed it with superglue. It’s a huge black box, like a kiln, sitting for the moment on the patio. Not sure where we’ll site it permanently. In the winter, the patio is the right place, so I can pop open the back door and dump my veggie peelings without trodding in the snow. This morning, I pulled some (more) lamb’s ear and dropped that in there, along with watermelon rinds from breakfast.

I’m waiting for Tony to get back from golf so I can get the dirt to plant the veggie garden. That bed is filled with composting materials, grass clippings and pond leaves and just needs to be topped off. I need to plant the upside down tomato too. Neatnik Neighbor should get a kick out of that!


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