Rain, Cold, Sun, Warmth and Wind; Yep! It’s Chicago!

May 13, 2010

We started this morning with cold and rain, with all signs pointing to a long day of wet, miserable weather. Before noon, everything shifted. It’s now balmy and beautiful, with the sun warming the ground and the wind blowing everything around.

My bunnies are starting to leave the nest. When I checked today at 3, only 4 remained in the nest, and one hopped out immediately when I approached, big enough and strong enough. And my hostas appear to be chewed again. As the bunnies start leaving, so does my tolerance for them. “Circle of Life” is starting to become relevant to my musical repertoire again.

The peonies are blooming and what a photograph I made today! The allium is glorious and starry, the weglia is in bloom along the house and the columbine flames along the top of the berm and in the front beds. I have a beautiful purple columbine that used to get enough light and sun, but now is crowded out by the peonies. It’s really not happy there anymore and puts out few buds that open into rather pathetic, half-hearted attempts at blooms. That one will have to be moved. I will put it in the backyard, so I can enjoy it from my office window. The salvia is spiky and purple and getting bigger every day.

The moss in the flagstone path is blooming and I need to trim the spyria in the front that’s crowding out my red lily – or maybe move the lily? Also am noticing those bare patches where I need to place annuals, and in the case of the hosta bed, put some ajuga.

Still need dirt for the veggie bed.

Really want to lay in the hammock.


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