Up, Up and UP

May 11, 2010

The trellises are finished and installed – HALLELUJAH! Tony and  I finished them yesterday late afternoon and were starting to install them in our lame fashion, which would probably have ended with one of us in the emergency room (one began to list and starting coming down on my head – eek), when our Lovely Neighbor Larry came home and wandered over. On my second trip up the ladder (Tony does not do heights) with the cordless drill in my left, untalented hand, Larry said, “Would you like me to help? I can do the left handed thing.” He did not have to ask us twice. We know where our strengths are, and this sort of project is not it.

In record time, the trellises were installed evenly and securely, with no broken bones, poked eyes or concussed heads. Oh joy! They look beautiful and the clematis is already halfway to the top next to the sidewalk. It will be so incredibly gorgeous in the fall. I might have to get another fall blooming clematis to compliment the slow growing trumpet vine on the farther trellis. Larry says it will look like Wrigley Field soon. As a Sox fan (and therefore Cubs hater), I told him to bite his tongue – but nicely because he was so very helpful.

The peonies are beginning to bloom and the zinnias have taken nicely. The containers look good after all the rain yesterday and today. The hostas under the pin oak are still coming in and I’m encouraged more and more each day that that bed will finally “take.”

The bunny nest is suddenly open and I’m not sure why. It could be because they are growing by leaps (get it?) every day. I think they’ll be leaving me soon – and I hope that when they do, they go far, far away. Or we won’t be friends anymore.


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