Wasted Angst About Goldfish

May 10, 2010

So after worrying about being shorted on the goldfish, after being aggravated about the dead one being included in the count that wasn’t the count anyway, after subjecting Griffey to such turmoil that he’ll need therapy (or treats) to work it out, a great blue heron came to the pond today and cleaned us out.

I saw him as he was leaving, with wings outspread wide, in slow awkward movements that nonetheless made him airborne. Simply gorgeous. It was worth the $6.42 for the fish.

It’s cold today and supposed to rain all afternoon and evening. Dominic is in the garage, putting the finishing touches on the trellises. Can’t this family ever have a few hours of uninterrupted time to complete things??

When I restock our goldfish, I will be sure to count them before I get to the check out counter. And I will not bring the dog.


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