Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010

I got a card on Saturday from the baby bunnies. It’s signed Flopsy and Mopsy, thanks me for not drowning them and included the gift of a dollar bill.

I laughed until I cried. My mom is so crazy.

After bringing the flats of plants in because of the impending frost, I woke to a chilly Mother’s Day. Tony and I went for a walk after I got breakfast (and mint meltaways) in bed.

After I got ready to go to my brother’s for dinner, I came downstairs to find an ecomposter! Very exciting moment and I can’t wait to get it assembled.

We got back from Rich’s at 5, just in time for Eliza to go to work.

Pulled off the dead grass and fur from the bunny nest and wow – there must be at least 6, getting bigger each day. They still have not ventured forth – I wonder when that will be. Do they hop out and go back in? Or is it that once they are out, they are gone??

Still plenty of daylight and the weather was a little warmer, so I got all the zinnias in, most of the cosmos and the alysum. I also pulled out quite a bunch of oregano in the butterfly bed, a huge amount of lamb’s ear that I replanted in the very back of the berm in the backyard and a weed straight from Jurassic Park. My neighbor was out, so I chatted until I started to freeze and then put the remaining plants on the patio table, waiting for the rain that will come Monday.

The goldfish were all hiding under the cattail roots as it was so incredibly cold. Next year, I need to wait until June to buy them.


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