May 7, 2010

My annual trip to Nirvana was a short one this year, but I’m thinking of making a second trip anyway. I feel empty somehow.

Instead of leaving at 1 like anticipated, things got a little hairy and I didn’t get out of here until after 2. After some necessary errands in the rain and cold, I didn’t get to Sunrise until about 3. And I had to be home at 5 to make sure Eliza got to work on time.

Good and bad with this close time frame. Good as in I kept to my list, was compelled to make faster decisions, and saved LOTS of money by not straying into purchases I don’t need.

Bad as in I kept to my list, didn’t have time to really consider the possibilities of all pink or all orange or all white or all red or a mix of white and pink, a mix of pink and fuschia, (oh, that list could go on!) and I didn’t buy a single thing I didn’t need. I also was unable to truly enjoy my annual hotdog, as I ate it in the check out line, and then drank the Pepsi (god, I hate Pepsi – can’t they have Coke?) in the car, in the rain and cold, on the way home.

I bought the customary red cherry profusion zinnias and crystal white alyssum for the front beds, as they attract butterflies. I also bought 3 pink geraniums and blue lobelia and 24 cosmos. The geraniums will go in the pots, along with spikes, asparagus fern and some sort of “twisty grass”. I’m open to ideas!

Bought the orange, pink and purple combination for impatiens. This is also new, so we’ll see how it looks mid-July!

Bought a tomato plant, watermelon seedling, peppers and brussel sprouts. Also found some of the sweet potato vine that I admired so much last year.

Not a single perennial. Don’t need them and I’m very proud that I didn’t succumb. But I may have to go back – just to look – not to buy.

Got home in the rain and then took Eliza to work with Griffey the dog as my co-pilot. I realized I could go to Petsmart and buy the goldfish for the pond with the dog, so I ran over there and brought him in. Well, they could not be more unhelpful and uninspired if they tried – but I’m sure that would be too much of an effort too. Griffey was not happy to be there, and shook so badly in my arms that he lost about 3 pounds. I asked for 30 fish and she did not count them and I did. I did not get 30 fish. When I got in the check out line, I counted again – a difficult task as they are all trying to very hard to swim to the bottom and escape. Meanwhile, Griffey is in heart attack mode when I realize he’s so stressed out because years ago, he used to go there for grooming. He hates grooming. I forgot and he remembered! Got  him back in the car and he lay like a rag on the seat, poor thing, having escaped the clippers.

Took the goldfish home and floated the bag in the pond for about a half hour until the water temperature equalized. Opened the bag and counted the fish as they swam out. Yep, 27 and one of them was dead.


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