No Helicopter Parents In The Leporidae World

May 6, 2010

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. After some research, I find that a doe only visits her kits once or twice a day, just for minutes at a time, at dawn and at dusk. And that clicked because I saw her yesterday right at sundown, leaving the nest. I also found that you can take those babies out of the nest, hold them all day long, stick them back in there before she returns and she will not give a hoot.

So of course, I opened the nest this morning. Oh my goodness. They are adorable.

Looks like there’s at least two if not three huddled in there (I wasn’t too disruptive, just wanted to get a peek). Their ears are about the size of my pinkie finger nail and they were squirming and tumbling to avoid the sun. I covered them back up, but am looking forward to showing them to Danny this Saturday when he comes to plant his purple beans and watermelon with me.

I’m starting to wonder if this nest is actually beneficial. Do other rabbits stay away so predators don’t find them? I ask this because this bump is where my bachelor’s buttons grow. In summers past, the Damn Rabbits wait until the bud is ready to bloom and then CHOMP, they eat them, bud, leaves and stalk, down to a miserable little nub. This year, I’m getting buds and (take a breath!) actual blooms!

I’ve got finches fighting over the feeder – or is it the female at the feeder? They make me laugh, as they tumble through the air, clenched together and squeaking. This is what eagles do, and the goldfinches are tiny chaotic bursts of yellow feathers. They look a little silly, like little cousins trying to do what the big cousins do. I imagine they’ll start hanging around the feeder with cigarettes and leather jackets.

Installed the last pump in the pond and we are officially up and running. I’ll need to buy my 27-cent goldfish, but I know Eliza likes to accompany me on that trip. Maybe this afternoon.

I’m trying to get all my clients satisfied today and tonight, so I can get to Sunrise tomorrow. My usual date, my mom, has unexpectedly bugged out on me, so I will be going alone. Expect lots of photos.


2 Responses to “No Helicopter Parents In The Leporidae World”

  1. Karen Reynolds said

    Loving the pictures, particularly the ponds and fountains.

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