WHERE are her parenting skills?

May 4, 2010

So my undies are in a total wad about these babies now. I worked in my office all day yesterday and she never showed up. I checked the nest this morning and there was a dry leaf on top of it. This late afternoon, the leaf is still in the same position. When do these babies EAT? And WHY do I care?

I’ll tell you why – because I do not want to have to pick up their poor dead skeletons, that’s why! And now my maternal instincts have kicked in. I was up checking on them in the middle of the night – good grief! I just want to see the mom and tell her straight up that while it may take a village to raise a child, I’m not the mayor!

I moved the leaf (with gloves) and see that more dead grass has been piled over the nest. So she must have shown up at some point to either a) tend them or b) throw some cover over the whole mess and go tramping again. I’ll check them again later this evening. Poor little things…

Meanwhile, the clematis have exploded in a glory of purple, the allium are bursting into starry globes and the lily of the valley is so prolific, you can stand in the yard and get high on the perfume. With the surge of growth, I have lamb’s ear and oregano to spare and was fortunate enough to give some to my friend Andrea this morning. She of the Black Thumb is going to put them in and see if they flourish. She claims she kills silk.

The lamb’s ear is originally from a friend of my parents, Frank. Frank passed away about 12 years ago, way too young and way too fast, from cancer. Frank gave lamb’s ear to my mom, my mom gave it to me. I gave it back to my mom when she moved and then she gave it back to me when I moved. It’s planted in friend’s gardens all around my neighborhood now. Frank lives on in all these gardens, I think. Isn’t it nice to think you can achieve immortality through a garden?

If Andrea kills them, I will really believe she has a Black Thumb.


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