The War Escalates: A Moral and Creative Dilemma

May 3, 2010

I noticed a Damn Rabbit nestled on the bump next to the pond yesterday. He wasn’t eating anything, just resting, with eyes wide and ears up. I walked out on the patio and he jumped away.

This morning, I noticed a hole in the plants where that Damn Rabbit had sat. I walked over to rearrange the plants and noticed a bundle of fur at the bottom of the hole. AW CRUD. I didn’t want to touch it, so I just blew into the hole. And that pile of fur twitched and moved. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN.

I have a nest of babies right in the middle of my garden. Apparently he was a she.

Now last year, I had a little one grow up in my front beds and we actually got to be friendly, or at least a truce was called. He never nibbled anything he wasn’t supposed to (except for the holly hock – ate it down to the ground – Damn Rabbit) and I never tried to scare him senseless.

In years past, I would put on my thick leather gloves, grab a bucket and take those babies out to the unkept “prairie” running through the park. Killing them is not in my heart and soul, but neither is letting them eat up my garden. As for the real possibility of coyotes or snakes eating them in the prairie, well, I would break into “It’s The Circle Of Life” on my way back across the street.

But I’m trying to create a garden that brings butterflies and birds and I’m content with the squirrel neighbor, even though she’s a little nuts. (get it?) So is it morally right for me to welcome wildlife and then turn around and take the babies to the Jaws Of Death that is the prairie?

There’s also the idea that this is really a golden opportunity. This is the first nest I’ve had right in the garden (the others have been in the lawn – and really, how dumb is that anyway?), I can see it from my office window, and I’m spending this year documenting garden growth and experiences. What a tragedy to deny myself this chance to make photographs as the bunnies grow.

Well, the Damn Rabbits have won again. I will leave that nest, see them grow and document it every day. They just better not eat my coneflowers.

The Bunny Nest


One Response to “The War Escalates: A Moral and Creative Dilemma”

  1. Karen Reynolds said

    And what harm can a little nest of preciousDamn Rabbits do to a garden they are born in? Have you seen them mate? There’s a reason we say fast as a rabbit. Do you know how long it takes for gestation? Do the numbers, girl! You’re in for a treat and a long haul! (But I do like bunnies.)

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