It’s May!

May 3, 2010

It’s MAY, it’s MAY, the lusty month of May!

More and more shades of green, more and more shades of pink and purple, more and more tiny white bells, more and more and more! It’s May!

I went to a Mother’s Day brunch at our old parish with my great-aunt today and when I got home, Tony had already set up all the patio furniture, pulled out all the pond pumps and hoses, found (most of) the garden decorations and started to unravel the hammock. What a husband! He then limped outside and told me that coming out of the garage attic (now organized – ahem) he twisted his knee and dropped one of the garden ornaments, a sandcasting with blue jewels in it. It cracked into several pieces. I said, “OH! Not your knee! (he’s had several knee surgeries already) Do you feel okay? Did you ice it? It’s okay about the sandcasting. It’s about 10 years old and starting to fall apart anyway.” He said, “Well, then, I can tell you the truth. I didn’t twist my knee. I just dropped it.” and he lost the limp. Goofus.

We pulled up all the stakes holding the netting across the pond and starting at one end, just kept rolling it into one giant heap of extremely smelly decaying leaves and trash. Got it all out in one piece – HOORAY – no rips! We set up the pump to start draining the pond. It always kills me that we put the hose into the grass to let it go into the sewer because all that wonderful tea of bacteria would fertilize everything.

We pulled all the leaves over to the veggie bed and dumped them in there,  picking out a phone book bag, a chips bag and a grocery bag, plus a pin wheel. Hmmm.. the things that wind up in our pond over the winter. Those leaves, drenched in that compost tea, are the last step before I get some bags of black dirt and fill ‘re up. Danny’s seeds went from nothing to really something – about 4″ of something – overnight, so we’ll need to get those in the ground very quickly.

I rolled up my pants and got into the pond, shoring up areas where the rocks have collapsed. Tony was the gopher, bringing over tools and buckets, until I realized there wasn’t much for him to do. He went inside to make dinner (I just love that man).  I found myself sighing over Dominic’s enthusiasm last fall. Last spring, I worked for hours moving rock and burying the hose that connects the waterfall to the pump, thinking I would just disconnect it at the pump, leave it buried (not a trace of it showed!) and be ready for the next year. Well, last fall, Dominic just grabbed the pump and starting pulling the hose, assuming that had to come out too. SIGH. So I spent a little time reburying that hose, but it’s not perfect like it was last year. After all the pond sides were fixed – looking so very nice – I got out the hose and started to fill it.

While that filled, I moved the bricks that sat under my metal garden bench, making an edge along the other side of the path. I put down four tiles to sit under the bench’s legs. Now I’m thinking I’ll plant some lamb’s ear around the bench – what a pretty picture that will make.

I moved the coral bells that were not very happy there to a sunnier spot. I noticed dianthus getting lost amidst the I-don’t-know-what-it-is-but-it’s-very-pretty plants that have taken over the little bump, so I moved that to a less crowded spot. A unique hosta was getting crowded out by a more common breed, so I dug it up and moved it to spot where it will get a little more notice.  I noticed I’m getting the jack-in-the-pulpit up – oh happy day!

I set out the three rusty fish, one of the fairies and the frogs. The wire tulips are now installed as well. I placed the rabbit statue under the Joe Pye weed. It’s supposed to be sleeping, I would imagine, but it just looks dead, which makes me giggle evilly in my war with the Damn Rabbits. Everyone that sees it looks a little perplexed and says, “that rabbit looks….dead.” I think that’s why it was on clearance.

When the pond filled, I installed the spitting turtle and the waterfall pump. This year, for the deeper part of the pond, I chose a fountain head and put that into place. I turned on the electricity and WOW – the turtle spit, the waterfall filled, but the fountain just sat there. SIGH. I’ll have to get to Menards to buy a new pump.

That’s when Tony told me dinner would be ready in 10 minutes. Steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes and onions in butter, broccoli, salad and asparagus. What a MAN!


One Response to “It’s May!”

  1. Karen Reynolds said

    Tony’s knee – good one.

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