Juicy and Green

April 24, 2010

It rained on Friday night (first rain in sixteen days – so much for April showers), so we got a burst of growth Saturday morning. And growth doesn’t just mean the green stuff we want; it’s also the green stuff we’re not very fond of.

Emerging everywhere are dandelions and those sticker bushes and those spidery things that look like some sort of succulent, with little white flowers and things that we’re  not sure what they are, but I know they’re not planted by my hands.

So this afternoon, I got my bucket, my weed tool and a bucket of milorganite to scatter on Damn Rabbit browse and went outside to weed.

I am so proud of my garden. Because I mulch like a nutcase, there are very little weeds in my beds. The coneflower bed went swimmingly, with only 2-3 dandelions. Saw nothing at all in the peony/hydrangea bed. Those peony buds are multiplying like those Damn Rabbits, so we ought to have a stellar year for peonies. The grow through grids seem to be keeping their heads up so far, but I don’t have much hope on that for the long term. I was amazed at the length of the roots when I pulled a few sticker bushes out of the butterfly bed. They were at least 12 inches long! But again, because of the very loose dirt and lots of mulch, I was able to pull them out completely – oh hooray!

As usual, the bed under the pin oak was more challenging. Lots of little sprouts of dandelions and UFO’s (unidentified flora objects). And here’s where I got angry. I’ve been concerned that the hostas I planted there weren’t taking, but upon very close inspection, I see they’ve been bitten down to the ground. DAMN RABBITS. Droppings everywhere! I spread that milorganite with vigor as my hostas will not be their salad bar. They really must be trained to go eat in the park – and not in my backyard. As we have coyotes living in that park, it would be a perfect circle of life thing, don’t you think?

(TANGENT – I heard them again at 3:30 am about a week ago. Howling and celebrating a meal. I hope it was a Damn Rabbit – or three. And don’t be sentimental. It’s about ecological balance.)

The Stargazer lilies from the Garden Show are coming up, strong and tall. I will be happy to go again next year just for the opportunity to buy more bulbs and roots from that vendor. Sincerely wish I would have made better notes on that.

Seeing the goldfinches shedding their winter coats and coming back into their bright glory. Gotta go thump the feeder though. I think the weave is too tight and they’re having trouble picking out the seeds.


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