Sticker bushes and watermelon

April 20, 2010

Danny’s seeds have not sprouted.

But the sticker bushes are. I am plagued by these things in my flower beds and in my lawn. Sticker bushes are not something you can just reach down and pull, like a dandelion. They require gloves and often a weed removing tool. And as I’ve been wandering around with my camera, I’ve not been wandering around with gloves. No matter how delicately I try to move the sticky leaves to get a grip on non-dangerous stems, I slip and get pricked, which really hurts. So they are getting rather large from inattention. I need to do something immediately or they’ll overtake the butterfly beds.

Round Up gave us nothing but dead spots in the grass – dry and brown and haylike. I just read that boiling water is supposed to kill weeds, so I’ll be giving that a try this weekend, if the rain holds off. What I can’t understand is – if the Damn Rabbits can chew through barberry thorns like they are pudding, why won’t they eat the sticker bushes? Or the dandelions? Why can’t they eat the weeds?

Danny's watermelon seeds planted


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