Planting with Danny

April 19, 2010

My mom and dad are now home from Florida, safe and sound and feeling almost as if they’ve never left. That’s a nice, comfortable peaceful feeling to have. When I was in the January (Really Dark Nearly Black) Blues, I thought that the fact that they leave is a factor in that bad feeling – and then here they come back with spring and everything is right in the world again.

Dad was indeed able to give us an idea of how to assemble those trellises, with little damage to the siding (please, the woodpeckers have pock holed the eastern side of our house so that it looks like a bad case of acne – and now we have to have bird netting up all year to keep them away – they’re HUGE and destructive and endangered – tried pie tins and that not only looked terrible, but didn’t work) and no damage to the brick. Dominic should be able to get those done this week. I hope. Because my clematis is crying out for them!

So of course everyone came for dinner and that included Danny. I had set aside egg cartons and Tony picked up a bag of potting soil. After dinner, we filled the egg cartons with the soil. Danny counted out the watermelon seeds – there were 17 – but we didn’t count the purple french climbing beans. There were just too many. Danny took his job very seriously, and poked a hole in the dirt in each egg cradle, then dropped the seeds in and covered them up. He was very careful watering and didn’t spill, which is a big accomplishment for a 5-year-old. I’ve promised him to make a photo and email to him everyday so he can see how his watermelon are doing.


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