Buds and Buds and Buds

April 17, 2010

Today was the day of chive buds and allium buds and peony buds and columbine buds and clematis – wonderful green globes of promises. Some oval shaped, some tear drop shaped, some just a nice tight ball. They are all sizes, all different shades of green and all speak of hope for that burst of color.

The astilbes are making their way through the dirt, the hostas in that bed under the pin oak are unfurling and things are in general looking good. The milogranite seems to be working (knock wood) to keep the Damn Rabbits at bay. The clematis is all going crazy and the trumpet vine is budding out all over green. I’m filling in my veggie bed with compost and shredded paper, more each day. I think the Quiet Neighbor just behind that bed may be getting her undies in a twist, as right now, that bed looks just awful and she doesn’t know what it’s going to be used for.

Dominic put the new trellises together, but we couldn’t figure out how to get them in place without drilling into the brick. Don’t want to do that. I suggested he talk to someone who would have ideas, but he prefers to figure out all these problems himself. SIGH. The trellises are in two parts, one 8 feet tall and then a cap that’s 4 feet tall. The cap can be attached to the cedar, but the bottom is not tall enough. My dad is coming on Sunday – maybe he can put his mind to it and then let Dominic think he figured it out himself.


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