Aware of Everything

April 16, 2010

It was just 48 hours ago that I made photographs and even after all these years of gardening, I am astonished. This project has made me look and see and think much more deeply. While Tony will tell you that I’ve always wandered in the garden way past his understanding, now it’s become more meaningful. I look closer and discover growth, astonishing growth, every day.

A hawk settled today right above the bird house and sat quietly while I scrambled for my camera and bigger lenses. As soon as I had it assembled, he flew off and I didn’t even get a hint of tailfeather in the frame.

I think he did it on purpose. And I hope he comes back.

Today, there was a burst of color in the garden. The pampas grass is turning green and every clump has made it through winter and it putting up shoots. The coral ┬ábells are sending buds – like raspberries on swizzle sticks. The butterfly bed in the sun is glorious, the coreopsis spreading like mad this year. Gotta love a plant that does most of the work for you! ┬áThe hostas in the back bed are upright and unfurling. Every year, the different varieties come in at different time but this is the first year I’ve really paid attention to it, and noticed the progression.

Now the white daffodils are coming in, some looking like vintage lace handkerchiefs, some bright and clean against the green. The new lilac bush has two flowers – literally from out of nowhere. Same with the purple phlox – Tuesday I didn’t even notice buds and today they are in bloom. The lily-of-the-valley that FINALLY showed up last year is advancing, marching between the garden path stones and pushing all the mulch up and out of the way.

Those bleeding hearts are putting out those flowers that barely look real. The color is so vibrant you think they are fabric, made for a little girl’s birthday party. The peonies are simply hysterical, hardly able to control themselves. They’ve grown nicely through the grids (one stalk succumbed to the Damn Rabbits. Must have been a baby who didn’t know how nasty they taste) but we’ll see how they hold up in a week or two.

I really thought I killed all the astilbes under the pin oak last fall when we buried them in yards of black dirt. Well, those little troupers are showing up and look immensely improved over last year. Apparently, I needn’t be afraid of black dirt! I think I see some Jack-In-The-Pulpit emerging, but don’t want to count my chickens.

I thought I’d get bored, I thought I’d run out of things to think about and write about. I’m finding out that a year in the garden really means never a dull moment.

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