Trellis and Vegetable Garden

April 11, 2010

Got up at 7:30 this morning, jumped out of bed and then jumped right back in to read for just a few minutes. Tony brought the paper up about an hour later, and finally at 10:00, I got up. Sundays are really made for that kind of laziness, don’t you think?

I got to Menards at 10:30 and bought my Milorganite, thistle seed, a new seed sock, berry suet, trellis, trellis edging, chicken wire and seeds. Danny will be very pleased as I did find watermelon seeds that are telling me the time to harvest is 80 days. I think I’ll start them inside anyway. I also bought beans and peas and sunflowers and a lettuce blend and zucchini. I’ll get peppers and tomato plants already started come May.

I woke ¬†Dominic up when I got home and explained the trellis-building project to him. Unfortunately, this project was not on his plate for today, however much it was on mine. After some assembly, a little complaining and a great deal of frustration because the trellis wasn’t cut perfectly and wouldn’t it fit into the edging they recommended (I hate when sales people sell you the wrong thing!), ¬†I told him to put everything away and return to it another day.

Meanwhile, I laid out a garden that’s 36″ wide x 12′ long – just the right width to put that chicken wire on the bottom of it. While Neatnik Neighbor tells me he’s never had a rabbit burrow under, I’ve seen it happen in my Next Door Neighbor’s garden regularly. So the chicken wire went in. I lined it with those bricks removed from the hosta bed with the addition of a few just laying around. You see, when we moved in, we had a brick patio that was buckled and too small, so we pulled those all out and poured a concrete patio that is much larger and more usable. So I have dozens upon dozens of bricks that I use for bed edgers, retaining walls, path edgers, walking stones, pond edgers, lifters for the rainbarrls – you get the picture. I seem to keep moving them around and they are extremely useful.

I dumped some composting material in the bed when it was finished but will need to have some dirt delivered. Dominic will be so happy about that.

My Neatnik Neighbor came over to tell me that when Jesus said “There are many rooms in my Father’s house,” he wasn’t talking about us. “You and I”, he said, “will be out in the garden.” Honestly, that sounds like where I will want to be.


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