No Snow This April?

April 10, 2010

I spent the day indoors at a local community expo, hawking information about the Tinley Park Arts Council inaugural Kids Art Experience Event. It was a fun day, sampling all the foods, seeing many friends and business associates, but it was definitely a day missed in the garden.

Well, almost.

I got home about 3:15 and decided to enjoy the rest of my afternoon sitting in the sun with a dog on my lap. So I settled into the tall chair (with a strategically placed pillow – it’s perfection!) and closed my eyes. In just a very few minutes, I thought about the new vegetable garden and how it will need a brick border. I also thought about the hosta bed and how that border is looking a little slumped.

So I got up, grabbed my gloves and digger, and proceeded to dig up the whole border of the hosta bed and reset it in a different format so I’d have bricks left over to edge my veggie garden. Honestly, what is wrong with me?

My trumpet vine is sprouting! I bought this last year at Sunrise (aka The Garden of Eden) to climb the house in the butterfly bed. They attract not only butterflies but hummingbirds, which I have seen in my garden before, but rarely. Last year, it just sat there like a lump and never grew, didn’t seem to even realize it was planted. Well, it was shamming because I have green leaves on the leader and many sprouts emerging at the crown.

I also see Damn Rabbit evidence more and more – they are eating my pink lilies. Bastards. Milorganite tomorrow!

I thought about how wonderful the weather has been. The first spring I was married, I worked with a woman that I become very good friends with. We lunched together almost everyday and enjoyed each other’s company. That April, we were coming back from lunch and it began to snow. I exclaimed about how out of place it seemed. She said to me – no, it always snows at least once in April. Now, I have tracked this remark for 22 years. My son was born April 5, and it was snowing when I was in the hospital with him. It has truly snowed every April.

Except this one. It is now April 10 and while there was hail Easter Sunday, there hasn’t been a single flake. And it doesn’t look like it will happen at all. The weathermen are predicting 70-80 degree days this week and even the 10-day forecast shows nothing below 58.

I think Al Gore may be right…


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